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Prague Consult is a Team of Specialists established in July 2004 as a collective merging of experience and force coming from different entities. We act as a market maker, bringing together foreigners, retailers and consumers in the same field to achieve specific goal. In this capacity, Prague Consult as a whole have been in the excellent development base of successful experiences in Czech Republic.

Partnership assistance and marketing is our nucleus philosophy. Prague Consult success is based only on success. We give you the solution, bring the contacts and provide you with responsive, on-site networking. We supply unique combination of business services and amenities to meet needs.

Prague Consult team are professionals skilled in the management and marketing in day-to-day operations. We have members in our team from security staff to public relations, planning, human resource recruiters to headhunting. In short, Prague Consult is comprise of consultants, talents and contacts with relationships with key industry leaders.

Who do we represent?

Foreign Individuals, Investors, Companies, Professionals, Craftsman and Students.

Our Goal
The most important is to foster higher levels of awareness and encourage higher standards of quality and professionalism throughout the whole assignment.

How do we accomplish our goals?
Prague Consult serves as an important link between industry, consumers, and media.
We provide networking at international level.

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